October 24, 2012

Featured Happy Ending: Lacey & Bentley

by Shane & Melissa Williams  
   In October of 2011 we had to make one of the hardest decisions of our life and put to sleep our 9 yr old pitbull Titan.  He had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and it had spread to his lungs. Then in February 2012 we were in Greensboro visiting some friends and met Carolina Care Bullies at an event at PetCo. 
     We friended CCB on Facebook and soon there after Bentley’s picture popped up on the page.  We had just bought a new house in a neighborhood named Bentley Park.  Well, we couldn’t deny that this was a sign for us and we felt it was time for us to get another pitty and in turn give an awesome dog a “furever” home.  We adopted Bentley, a handsome, sweet, playful, energetic boy.  We don’t know what he is mixed with our vet says maybe lab or border collie. He loves being outside and will point at anything that flies.
After about six months we decided that we wanted to expand our little family. We had also lost our miniature dachshund Lucy in April. She was also a rescue and lived to be nearly 17 years old. So to help our hearts continue to heal we started looking to find Bentley a sister.  We began our search with CCB again, ofcourse.  We made several inquiries and worked with Rae to find the perfect fit for our family.  Lacey Belle seemed to be that perfect fit.  She is good with other dogs as well as kids. We had an initial meet and greet on our way home from vacation. The only question we had when we left was how soon could we adopt her?  Lacey had been with CCB longer than any other foster, and we felt the unique opportunity to end her time as a foster dog. We wanted to give her the “furever” home that she deserves. 

     Lacey and Bentley are just like any other siblings…They play, rough house, snuggle, and enjoy each other’s company. They both have adjusted to their new home well, and we are lucky and privileged to have them as our pups. We love coming home and being greeted by their wagging tails and pitty smiles.  They love just hanging out on the screened in porch and barking at the neighbors horses.  We want to thank CCB, Melissa McAllister(Bentley’s foster mom), and Dena Bates(Lacey’s last foster mom) for bringing them into our lives. 

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  1. What a wonderful happy ending and beautiful family. I really needed some good news today in light of the hurricane! Thanks for sharing!