November 6, 2010

It Takes A Village: Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue

The amount of time, effort , resources, volunteers and organizations required to rescue and adopt out just one animal is quite extraordinary.  CAAR (Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue) is just one of the many organizations the CCB works with on a daily basis.

Blog post by Carol Clay – Adopter and now CAAR volunteer/advocate:

About a year ago, I rescued a puppy from a busy road in the Brevard area. That's when I first learned about our county animal shelter and the abandoned and abused animal population here in Transylvania County.

Our shelter is an old, sad building with extremely limited space for all the dogs that wind up there. When a dog is brought to the shelter, there is a 5 day grace period to allow the owner to claim the animal. If the dog is not claimed, and the shelter fills up (which is practically every day), that dog can be euthanized for no other reason than a lack of space. Dogs that have been surrendered by their owners aren't that lucky. They do not get that 5 day grace period and can be put down at any time.

Every single day of the year dogs end up at the Transylvania County Animal Shelter and the scenario is played out again and again. While other counties in our area have recognized the need and created modern new shelters and facilities, our county has been stuck in neutral, despite a plan for a new shelter that was approved and funded.
That's why organizations like Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue are so important. Charlie's Angels is a non-profit organization whose only mission is to rescue dogs and cats from the shelter so the string of senseless deaths is stopped....
...Meet Ace. His 5 day grace period was over and he was on the list to be killed. That was December of 2009. Ace is now a beloved member of our family and every time I look at his sweet face, I think about how close he came to being killed for only one reason - there just wasn't room for him at the shelter. What a tragic waste of a life that would have been.  Read Full Text of Carol's Blog Post >

Introducing...the RH3

The NC Director of the HSUS asked CCB to help find placement for the 3 adult pit bulls seized from the Rockingham County cruelty case. These two females and one male were professionally evaluated and passed with flying colors, and are now safe in foster care!  Check out the video: 

November 5, 2010

A Note From the President Regarding the Puppy Nursery

Hello CCB Supporters,

First off, let me thank you all for you supporting our latest endeavors to renovate an outdoor building into a fully-functional puppy nursery. We truly appreciate when so many get behind something we really believe can make a difference for the lives of pit bulls in the state of North Carolina!

It was with deep regret, sadness, and frankly, embarrassment that I have to report that these plans will not be coming to fruition based on the research we did in the preliminary stages of making this venture a reality. Due to legal, long-term, personal, and professional roadblocks (and believe me there were plenty of each), we can not realistically create a puppy nursery on a foster mom's property. Because Terry & I ourselves live on rental property, neither we can put a building on our property for this purpose. The best time at which to begin a project like this would be if CCB should sometime in the future own their own land where we can build a permanent structure that will belong to our organization for many years to come, making the very most of our investments.

Since each of you donated to our cause under the pretense that a puppy nursery would be created, we want to be 100% forthcoming with our latest developments. We would GLADLY issue refunds to any of out donors that would request them.

On the flipside, we have big plans for any remaining donations if you should be so generous to let us use them to continue our great work. CCB's next major purchase will hopefully be a full-size or mini-van for the purpose of our business vehicle. We have put literally tens of thousands thousands of miles on my personal vehicle in the past year and a half, and are in need of more room for transporting, crating, and supplies that my small Dodge Calibur just can not accommodate.

I hope that you can forgive us that sometimes our ambitions can be bigger that reality!! But we still hope to see many great things ahead with the help of your continued support.


Amanda Liston
President, Carolina Care Bullies

November 4, 2010

Featured Happy Ending: "Pickles"

I adopted Pickles shortly after losing my best friend, Cody, to a rattlesnake bite. I was having a really, really hard time dealing with it. My daughter told me that I could not let that stop me from "rescuing" dogs. I don't really consider myself a rescuer because I can only deal with one dog at a time when so many other people can really do a lot of good. But, I can tell you that when I saw Beverly's posting of Pickles, all I could do was giggle. He was so comical and sweet looking. Now that he's in my life, every day there is something for me to laugh about. His first visit to the vet was memorable. Everyone in the vet's office loved him and had to pet him and play with him.

Our first "trick" was to teach him to shake. As soon as he tried to lift his paw, he lost his balance and fell right over on his side. He's got it down pat now, though. Beverly had told me that he had never slept on the bed before but he had slept on the couch. The first week here, I heard a thump in the middle of the night, turned on the light, and - bless his heart - he had fallen off of the bed and was standing there with a confused look on his face. He's got the bed thing down pat now too.

Pickles loves my daughter's dog, Benjammin'. Bennie is 8 years old and about 80 pounds of mutt. If Pickles can't get him to run around and play, he spends the entire day cleaning Bennie's ears for him. Poor Ben! He just rolls his eyes at us and sits there and takes it.

Pickles earned the nickname of Little Mickey because both he and my friend Mickey are short and stocky, have bad eyesight and waddle when they walk. Mickey loves Pickles so much that he
has modified his front and back decks on his house so that Pickles can run through the house, onto the front deck and on to the back deck and we don't have to worry about him getting lose and getting lost.

The vet is doing some research to see if there is anything that can be done to help Pickles' eyesight. He gets around pretty good but his eyesight is bad enough that he occassionly runs into things. I don't know how much more his hard little head can take.

One thing Pickles has plenty of is love, hugs and kisses


Featured Adopt-a-Bull: Meg

Miss Megs is nearing 6 months old, and all 10 of her siblings have already been adopted. Meg would be perfect for a home with a male playmate who loves to roughhouse or an active family to take Meg on walks and runs. She has become wonderfully housetrained in foster care and well socialized among many dogs and people at the pet place in which her foster mom works! She is beautiful! Her brindle coat is so unique and you will love her loving nature! Beautiful, smart, funny - all in one little bully body! Hopefully, she will find her forever home soon so they can enjoy her puppy-hood. She is hysterical and more fun to watch than cable TV.

Meg is crate trained, knows "sit" and "come", learning leash walking, gets along with dogs - has never been around cats that I know of - and loves people!!! She is just a cute, sweet little wiggle-butt and she loves to snuggle and kiss but not until after she is done playing!! She will be a wonderful pet for a bully-savvy home or someone with a strong persona as she is pretty hard-headed!! She considers herself quite a Princess.