September 11, 2011

Featured Adopt-a-Bull: Lacey

Lacey, who has affectionately become known as "Lacey-Belle", is already crate & potty trained. She eats at the same time as her foster siblings, and has learned very quickly that her food is hers and theirs is off limits (even though you can tell she wants the big dog food!). Lacey loves to run about with other dogs, and when larger dogs came to play with her and bark at her, she is a calm, wonderfully well-behaved young lady. She also plays well with children! Lacey is now about 6 months old. Her mama is a beautiful petite pit bull named Valerie, and we don't know who her daddy was, but she has slightly longer red fur like that of a retriever. Please email if you are interested in Lacey!

Featured Happy Ending: Sovann

My name is Sovann, which means, “like gold.” I got my name because they thought I was so beautiful and unique --I don’t disagree. CCB saved me and my friends Chewy and Azura when we had to go to the shelter. The place where we lived before was bad and there were too many animals there and we weren’t being taken care of. My foster mommy, Angela, was sad because she lost her pibble to cancer and she wrote to CCB and said she would give me a place to stay and be my foster Mom. I was so excited! Even more exciting was that my friend Azura went to stay with her brother and I still get to see her sometimes. Miss Angela decided that I was doing so well as a foster and everyone loved me so much that she wanted to keep me forever. We even had a cookout party to celebrate.

In my new home I have one brother, O’Malley. He is a very good dog and he shows me how I’m supposed to do things. He is the best big brother. I have one foster sister right now. Her name is Angel and she’s beautiful just like me. She’s really shy and scared sometimes but I lie with her and make her feel better. We love to play, too. I try to run as fast as she does but my mom says she runs like the wind. I also have a kitty friend at my house. At first, I wasn’t allowed to play with her but then I learned to be gentle and not to chase and now I’m allowed to sniff her and wag my tail when I see her.

My most favorite thing about my new home is that I get to sit in the window all day long and nap in sun. Then, when Miss Angela comes home we go outside and play. I’m working very hard on my manners and when I’m good I get to go to work and hang out and sometimes I get to go to the beach. I’m learning to not be afraid of the waves. My brother O’Malley just loves it and I want to learn to swim with him and chase balls in the waves.

I think that I got my furever home because I cuddle so well. I snore sometimes, and I grunt a lot, that’s why they call me “Porkchop.” I even got my picture taken hanging out the truck window like that cute little piggy on the tv commercial, you remember Maxwell? I’m the happiest doggie I know, and it’s all because of Carolina Care Bullies. I started training to become a Canine Good Citizen. If I get certified, my mom is going to take this test she says she’s qualified for. If we both pass then one day I’ll be a therapy dog. I’ll go all over and help people feel better and tell them how CCB saved my life.

Thank you for reading my story and supporting Carolina Care Bullies. If you want to see all my pictures and hear how I’m doing come to my Facebook page, Sovann Keith, and be my friend.

“Save the children and the beasts. For in this world they have no choice, they have no voice.” ~Anonymous

Wags and Kisses,


Volunteer Spotlight: Meghan Pragel

Hi there! My name is Meghan.  I do graphics work, update PBRC and Pet Portal, and will start event coordinating soon for CCB. I had dogs growing up my entire life and I have loved having them around. When I started living on my own the first dog that I owned was a little brindle pittie named Star.  I then decided to get her a friend and found a couple that wanted to get rid of their older pitbull to make room for a puppy so I said I would take him off their hands.  His name was Butch and he later became my inspiration and push into the rescue world that ignited the passion in me for pitbull advocacy. I faced a lot of intolerance in the neighborhood where I lived for my dogs being the breed they were. One morning Butch saw another dog, wanted to go play and he got away from me.  Before he even got to the other dog a neighbor nearby ran after and assaulted him. I was shocked and angered. When I went to the police about it I was told that there was nothing they could do.  Pitbulls were known for their “locking jaws” and aggressive behavior so the man acted out in fear for his life. The next day I searched the internet and found a pitbull rescue in the area and started volunteering. I did home visits, events, and anything else that was needed of me. I truly believe that they are misunderstood and have the wrong reputation. They are some of the sweetest dogs I have ever come in contact with and they are a joy to be around. I have had to defend myself and this breed to my friends and family countless times but their cause is something I truly believe in and I will continue to defend it. Today my boyfriend and I have two pit mix rescues and they are the joys of our lives. I don’t know what I would do without them. I am very thankful to have found CCB to be able to continue my volunteer work in educating people about this breed.  As far as who I am outside of the rescue world I asked my friend Lynn if she would write a little something, since I am not really good about talking about myself personality wise, so here is a little insight from one of my best and oldest friends, “I would say that you treat your bestest (human) friends just as well as you treat your doggy children. You are not only extremely loyal, but always go above and beyond to make your friends happy. I know that if I ever needed you, you would do your best to help me in whatever way you could - as you would for your dogs, and dogs of friends. Also, even though you now live in NC, I always feel like we will have that bond that we developed in high school, again, much like you probably have with a lot of the dogs that have come in and out of your life.” That being said, I am anxious to keep getting more involved and meet all of the other volunteers. I have found that other people like me, “bully friends” as I like to call them, are some of the best people I have ever met.