April 14, 2010

Please Help us raise money to get these babies healthy

Aiden, Adopt-A-Bull

My name is Aiden, and my foster mom tells me I have these yucky worms in my heart. I am not sure what it means, but sometimes when she pets me she seems sad and tells me that she worries about me. She said I am going to a place where they will make the worms go away next week, and that I have to be a good boy and very brave, because it might hurt. I don't know why she worries so much, I am strong and I have seen a lot in my short life. I really like it at my foster home, and my foster brother is awesome! I love to run and play with him, and I will really miss being able to hang out with him. My foster mommy tells me that after the people make the worms go away, that I won't be able to go run or play outside anymore, and that I will have to sleep all the time. But I hate sleeping, there is so much to do!

I am learning all sorts of new things, like how to go potty outside, but I have to mark my territory, so this is hard for me! I know how to sit and lay down, and my foster mommy tries to get me to go in this big dark cage a lot, but it reminds me of the shelter, so I don't really like going inside. I am very quiet and go to sleep right away once I am inside though, especially if my foster mommy puts a blanket over the cage.

 I am a smart boy, and I would really like to find my forever home! Can you help me?

April 13, 2010

Dog Park...it's a no no!

If you enjoy off-leash dog parks, you don't want to hear this. But I am going to tell you anyway. If you choose to become the owner of a Pit Bull, your dog park days are almost surely over, at least when the dog is somewhere over 8 months old. Accidental dogfights in off-leash parks are common, but when a Pit Bull is involved, they are headlines. Following Pit Bull Golden Rule #1 "NEVER trust your pit bull not to fight", you can see why off-leash parks are a very bad idea for our breed. As a Pit Bull owner, you have certain responsibilities. Your responsibility to your dog (to keep him/her out of trouble), your responsibility to other dog owners (to keep their dogs safe from your dog), and your responsibility to your breed (to keep your dog OUT of negative headlines). Even pit bulls that have never exhibited dog aggression may fight back if approached by the wrong dog in an aggressive manner. I will repeat this for you. As the owner of a pit bull, any fight will always be your fault, no matter who started it... 
Written By: Amanda Liston, President of CCB

Where are some fun places you take your pittie to socialize and play?


April 11, 2010

Hello Blog World!

Welcome to the Carolina Care Bullies Blog! We will be posting about our rescue, pit bulls, inspiration, events, and everything else in between. Add us to your favorites and follow us as we continue our wonderful yet crazy journey to save pit bulls from euthanasia, educate the community, and care for this amazing breed that deserves our support!!