October 5, 2010


The food you choose to feed your pets can have a significant impact on their quality of life. A good diet can take care of skin issues, allergies, increase longevity, strengthen immunity to disease, eliminate digestive disorders, and more. A bad diet causes countless health issues and even premature death.

So how do you select the quality food?

  • If it comes in a bag at your local grocery store, you probably shouldn't feed it to your pets. For the most part, the only food sold at a grocery store that is fit for your pet's consumption is the food that you eat (fresh meat, veggies, etc).
  • Read the labels. More information about labeling can be found in some of the links to the right.
  • Find a local pet food retailer that sells high-quality foods - the reputable ones won't even carry foods that contain harmful ingredients.
  • Educate yourself and choose wisely. Your pets depend on you.

Nutrition Links

Dog Food Analysis: Find your current food's rating

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Foods to Avoid

How to Read the Labels and Compare

Information on Raw Feeding:

Information on Grain-Free Foods

Homemade Cooked Diets

October 4, 2010

Featured Happy Ending: Romeo

Hi, I'm Romeo, and I've been asked to tell you about how I came to find my forever home. I'll start where my rescue group, CCB, comes into the picture because that's the where the love begins. Amanda Boykin, a caring member of the group that rescued me, saw me running free with some children in Rocky Mount, NC but before I knew it I was taken by animal control to the Edgecomb Co. shelter. Amanda had a feeling that I could be a keeper for someone so she got the okay from Amanda L. to spring me just as my time was up. I was ever so grateful to get out of there. 72 hours never seemed so long! Next I went to her house and was greeted by her two kids, husband, and other dogs that look a lot like me! It was so nice to be petted, hugged, and well-fed for a change. I am an affectionate fella and I also have a unique heart shape on my forhead. Based upon those facts, I was named "Romeo." My life was starting to change for the better. I stayed with Amanda B. for a week or two until I went to live with my foster mom, Tracey Chipps.
When I went to live with my foster mom it was discovered that I had heartworms and a urinary tract infection. She was so patient with me while I was sick. I had to be on low activity for what seemed like forever! I tried not to have accidents in my crate or on the bathroom floor while I was getting better but I just couldn't hold it sometimes. Foster mom Tracey never got mad at me at all, although I must have disappointed her. I love her so much for that. At foster mom's house, there were two other pit bulls like me but they couldn't hear anything. Boy, they were
pretty! I was not the man of the house though, there was a little Mexican guy (aka Chihuahua)that lived there too. While I was on "lock-down" for my heartworms, foster mom gave me things that I had never seen before to chew on. I didn't know what to do with some of the toys but I learned quickly what to do with the rawhides and knuckle bones! Those things made my tartared teeth just like new again. I would have stayed there forever if I could have but it was not meant to be. I was soon to meet my forever mom.

My forever mom was grieving over her best friend, Copper, who was also a pit bull. He had died a couple of months before due to Lymphoma. She missed him very much and when she was ready, she decided she wanted to adopt another pittie, because hey, we are just that awesome! Michelle, my forever mom-to-be, decided that she would choose CCB to adopt through because she knew that the bullies there were all fostered so she would be able to adopt one whose disposition was known. First she visited an event at Cat Banjo in Raleigh to check out the organization and meet some of us. She spoke with my rescuer, Amanda B., and liked her immediately. She met Buckley Von Piggles, Bronx, Lilo, and me among many others. Within a few days she contacted Amanda B. and gave her the qualifications for her new friend: Must be dog friendly, cat friendly, and house trained. Amanda gave her three choices and I won the golden ticket! My new mom decided to let me continue to convalesce with my foster mom and as soon as my heartworm treatment was over, I was taken to meet her. Leaving my foster mom was hard. She cried and hugged me and kissed the heart on my head over and over. She told me what was about to happen and instructed me to be on my best behavior and to mind my manners. My foster mom and Amanda B. met in Zebulon, NC so I could ride with Amanda to meet my new mom. We met my new mom in Wilson on Sunday August 8, 2010. I'll always remember that day because that is when I went to my forever home!
On my way to my new house with my new mom, I took a nap and was on my best behavior. When we arrived, Mom gave me a tour of the house. where I met my feline brother, Junior, whom I just love to chase. He's not into that so much as I have been smacked a few times when I've done that. I met the bird too. His name is Buckwheat and he sure is loud! Next I went outside to see my new backyard where I met my new partner-in-crime, Scooter. He is a Puggle with an underbite. Nowhere near as handsome as I am, but he's cool to have as a brother. We play and play and play. I love to roll him and he doesn't seem to mind but mom does. She thinks we play too rough sometimes. All in all, I am a happy boy! I love my new family so much! Mom buys me toys, rawhides, and femur bones. I also have the choice of sleeping on my very own bed, or on her bed. I have decided that I am a snuggler! It has been a great two months. If there is a downside to my new living situation, I'd have to say that its being in the crate. I really hate the crate..... I don't care for baths either but mom kisses me more when I smell good. Well, I think I have adjusted well to my new mom and new home. I'm happy to be here and am so glad to be with those who love me and treat me well. I'm thankful for Carolina Care Bullies who got me off the street and helped me get healthy again. If it weren't for all the nice things they did for me, I probably would not have survived being on my own, the shelter, or my heartworms. Thank you for introducing me to my new mom also.


Romeo Avery

Featured Adopt-a-Bull: Sawyer "The Wonderdog"

Sawyer the Wonder Dog has come a long way from neglected beginnings. The day CCB met Sawyer, we did not even know if he would be a candidate for adoption. He lived his first few years as the dog of a local drug-dealer, meant to protect the home from unwelcome intruders. Sawyer was intact, did not receive regular meals or any type of vet care. He was not adequately socialized, living in a dark, dank property in the worst part of town.

In a few short weeks, Sawyer has gone from the distrustful and shy dog we met that day, to social, outgoing, and content. Sawyer does not need much to entertain him - he knows nothing of toys or bones, and would rather curl up on the floor beside you, or watch your daily activities with the famous 'bully smile' on his face.

Sawyer responds well to very soft, minor verbal corrections, but to be honest, he really does not do much to warrant discipline! Sawyer is never found to be in the trash, with objects he shouldn't, or even pestering his small Chihuahua house mates. He does EXTREMELY well with small dogs, even unfamiliar ones. He walks right past a growling, barking, or nipping terrier without much interest or regard. With proper slow intros to female dogs his size, he would likely do just as well. Unfortunately the cranky dogs in his temporary foster home have prevented us from gaining much information on his social skills with other pit bulls!

House trained, crate trained, and an understanding of basic commands are just a few more or Sawyer's fabulous credentials. Although he would not oppose lots of daily activity and exercise, he is not likely to require it. Sawyer is calm and mild-mannered.
Sawyer is an inspiration to all of us and is one of the few rescue dogs where we truly know what he had to overcome to continue to be a loving, forgiving, and well-adjusted example of the breed we love so much.

To meet Sawyer, is to change any negative misconceptions you may have of the breed, and surely will warm your heart. Our ideal home for Sawyer would be one that pursues bully breed ambassadorship, such as Canine Good Citizen certification and therapy work. Sawyer has a story to tell to all of those who will listen.

Featured Adopt-a-Bull: Delilah

 You can see everything you need to know about Delilah right in her smile; she ♥ s unconditionally - now she just needs someone to show her that same ♥ !! Delilah has had a lot of bad luck with potential homes, despite her popularity among CCB volunteers & supporters! She is a young, intelligent pittie mix that knows all her basic commands, plus will impress you with some extras, like shake & roll over! Delilah loves to play with dogs, so she would prefer an opposite sex playmate in her new home that doesn’t mind her activity level. She is also pretty non-chalant around cats from what we have seen!! We love her motivation for all things food, which will carry her far with a forever home that is willing to train her! Delilah also loves chewing on bones, tennis balls, & tug toys. She doesn't mind sharing her toys with adults but for some reason she is more stingy around kids, so we ask she be placed with adults or older-children families. She is wonderfully crate-trained, housetrained, & uses the bathroom quickly outside during her potty breaks. All this, and she's cute as a button too!