June 7, 2011

Featured Adopt-a-Bull: Zilphie

Zilphie and her family recently suffered a terrible tragedy when her dad died unexpectedly. Zilphie has lived with her daddy since she was just a few weeks old in April 2010, and she recently celebrated her first birthday. She is well-socialized with male and female dogs, is house and crate-trained, and is a wonderful dog who has been brought up with lots of love.

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Featured Happy Ending: Nahla

Dear CCB,

Thank you! Thank you so much. Nahla (formerly Piper) is without a doubt, one of the greatest, most laid back dogs we have ever owned.

When we went to Petco in Greensboro, our mission was to meet the volunteers and become involved with your wonderful program. Little did we know that we would fall completely in love with our beautiful, green-eyed girl. Nahla and my daughter, Mathis, bonded instantly and have been inseperable every since.

Shortly after Nahla came home, she and Mathis took a basic obedience class. Nahla was quick to learn all of the commands and one day hopes to become a CGC. Mathis broke her foot and hasn't been mobile for a month. That doesn't bother Nahla, she sits patiently with her, is gentle when she plays and sleeps with her every night. Nahla is a member of
our family.

We are so thankful for your program. Don't stop saving precious lives!

-Melanie Curtis