August 5, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Samantha Nguyen

My love for pit bulls started when I adopted my first dog, Emerson, in 2009. At the time I had no idea that he was a pit and no clue what to expect based on the things I had heard. When Emerson joined our family I knew that I had to throw everything I had been told out the window. The sweet little guy was a lot of work, but every day he surprised me. He was by far the most intelligent and affectionate dog I had ever encountered. Even my husband, who was really not a dog fan, fell in love. As Emerson grew we faced breed discrimination and doubtful comments about his behavior. I knew that the only way for our friends and family to be supportive would be to show them what a great dog he is.

My husband and I attended obedience training through the Positive Pit bull and about a year ago I joined CCB as a volunteer. It felt good to meet with other pit owners and work together to find forever homes for shelter dogs and to educate the public about the breed. In 2010 we decided to foster Chelsea who quickly snuggled into our hearts. After just a week of fostering we decided that her place was here with us. This year I became an event coordinator for CCB. I enjoy showing off our adopt-a-bulls and sharing my love for the breed with others.

August 4, 2011

Featured Adopt-a-Bull: Meg


Meg is a one year old pit bull mix who is an obedient, easy going, silly ball of energy! She loves peanut butter, treats, and the company of other dogs. Meg will come to you home-friendly if you are a first time adopter! She is well housetrained, crate-trained, treat motivated, walks very well on her leash, and does not jump on furniture unless invited. Her interactions with children at public events have been calm, comfortable, and affectionate. Meg is looking for any family that will see past her easily overlooked dark coat and see the sparkle in her eyes that is true love!

Check out my 'pawdicure'!

August 3, 2011

Featured Happy Ending: Reef

Formerly Sugar Bear/Nanny

This is Reef! When I set out to choose a pet I did not have a “bully breed” in mind; however, I have since learned that the best things in life are often unexpected and unplanned. Reef came into my life a little over a year ago, and she has been a true blessing. She was a little timid at first but with food, play and lots of love, Reef has blossomed into a social butterfly. “Bully breeds” are often mistakenly known for their aggression; however, Reef did not live up to this negative expectation. Reef was weary of other dogs and she lacked socialization skills, but with training and time she has become a gentle giant. In closing, if you are in search of a pet that is loyal, loving and intelligent please consider adopting a bully breed.


From Reef’s former Foster Mom: When Sugar Bear came to me as a foster, she had just been dumped in a county shelter and was heartworm positive. She also seemed to be dog reactive and I was concerned about how she would react to my neighbor's charging Pomeranian (you know the type :)). But this girl was a complete sweetheart, proved my worries to be unfounded and proved Amanda to be correct with her assertion that her reactivity was probably due to fear and uncertainty and stressed the importance of the Two Week Shutdown (I’m a believer now). Just think about all the changes she had recently been through. The best part is that my next-door neighbor's family adopted her. So not only did she find a great forever home, I still get to see her. She’s now a healthy, cherished member of the family and actually enjoys the company of other dogs. As her former foster Mom, it does my heart good to see Reef in a loving home and I see her often, either when she is visiting Granny’s house next door or the numerous times I’ve seen her riding around town (she LOVES to ride). I see her big bully smile when I walk into my neighbor’s house if she’s visiting and I see her excited wagging when more visitors come into the house. She is just loving life now – and that’s what it’s all about! And that charging Pomeranian next door? They're buddies now.